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Top 4 Reasons Why Private Charters are the Best!

We all know private jet charters are known for their many added luxuries but what other reasons come to mind when booking a flight? We took to the internet to find out the top reasons why flying private is the way to go! Lets take a look…

1. Flexible scheduling

Time is a precious thing for everyone on the planet, especially those with demanding careers and lifestyles. In private flight, you have complete control over when and where you fly leaving time for what matters most not to mention less stress! 

2. Time Savings

In addition to the flexibility, you will save additional time not having to wait in security lines or to park. Boarding passes, lost luggage, connecting flights are all not needed so no more rushing to make your flight.

3. Privacy

There is a reason it’s called a private charter. Throughout the duration of your flight the only un-invited guests are your friendly flight staff of pilots and attendants. The annoyance of noisy passengers, crying babies, uncomfortable seating next to strangers are all nonexistent in private flights.

4. Comfort